Benefit FAQs

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Benefits begin the first of the month following the start of employment.


No. Benefits are only available to Full-Time employees who work 30 hours or more a week.

3. How do I change my beneficiaries?

There are several benefits that have beneficiaries and each one has different requirements. Beneficiaries are needed for CFPUA-paid life insurance coverage, Local Government Employee Retirement System, and Supplement Retirement including 401(k) and 457(b) programs.  

LGERS beneficiaries can be changed by logging on to your ORBIT account.

NC Plans (401(k) and 457(b)) can be changed by visiting

CFPUA life can be changed by logging into Employee Navigator.

 4. Can I change my benefits during the year?

You can only change your benefits during the annual open enrollment period unless you have a qualifying event. Examples of qualifying events include birth or adoption of a child, marriage/divorce, gain or loss of coverage, and death of a dependent. You must make the change within 30 days from the qualifying event.

 5. When is open enrollment for benefits?

Open enrollment dates vary each year but typically occur each October. Any changes made during open enrollment become effective January 1st of the following year.

6. How do I check the status of a health insurance claim?

The best resource available currently is to call the claims number on the back of the SHP BCBS insurance card, 888-234-2416.

7. How do I get another dental insurance card?

 Please contact Delta's Customer Service Team at (800)662-8856 or you can visit Delta Dental to register your account and print a card.


Log on to Blue Connect. If you are not registered, you will have to create an account. Once you are logged in, click on "Need an ID Card." Here you can view, download or request a new/replacement card. If you do not have an account, you may call 1-888-234-2416 during normal business hours to request a new or replacement card. 

9. How do I report a change of address, phone number or any other change?

Changes such as name, phone number, address, marital emergency contact and other similar requests should be reported to Human Resources by completing the Change in Employment Status form. This form should be submitted to Human Resources in person, by mail, fax and or through email.  Human Resources will process this request. Please make sure you also log onto Employee Navigator, Prudential, and North Carolina State Health Care Plan to make the corresponding changes. 

 10. How do I change my address or phone number in Employee Navigator?

Log on to the Employee Navigator website to make phone and address changes. 

11. How do I change my address or phone number associated with the NC State Health Care Plan?

Log in here to make phone or address changes.

12. How do I report a change of address or phone number for Prudential?

 Contact Human Resources at

13. How do I change my primary care provider?

You can update your PCP at any time by logging into your State Health Plan BCBS account. BCBS will mail you a new card with the updated provider.

14. I am ready to apply for retirement.  How do I get started?

Contact Human Resources at and set up an appointment. We will need to know the date you plan to retire to prepare your retirement request.

15. Why are the health insurance rates on the state health plan web site different than what I am paying?

CFPUA believes that health insurance should be affordable for all employees and their families. We strive to keep costs low and affordable.

16. I have had a life event (birth/adoption of a child, separation/divorce, death, or other qualifying event) and need to update my benefits. What do I need to make those changes?

The State Health Plan provides a list of acceptable documents for individual events. 

17. How much vacation time can I accrue?

Please see Leave Program Page.

18. Do I get Bereavement Leave?

Full-time employees who have a death in their immediate family may take up to three (3) days (maximum 8 hours daily) of bereavement leave for any one occurrence. Part-time employees are eligible for bereavement leave on a pro-rata basis. Immediate family: Unless otherwise specified, immediate family means spouse, mother, father, guardian, children, sister, brother, grandparents, grandchildren, plus the various combinations of half, step, in-law, and adopted relationships that can be derived from these named. 

19. Am I eligible for benefits?

You are eligible for benefits if you are a full-time employee in a benefit eligible position.  

20. Can I cover Family Members?

If you elect coverage, you may enroll eligible legal dependents, children up to age 26, and your legal spouse, regardless of marital or student status. Spouses eligible for health insurance coverage on another employer health insurance plan, will not be eligible for coverage on CFPUA's 80/20 or 70/30 Plan.  Dependent children include:

  1. Your son, daughter, stepson, or stepdaughter
  2. Your legally adopted child
  3. Your legally placed foster child
  4. A child placed with you by an authorized agency or by judgment, decree, or other court order.
  5. If you have a disabled dependent child reaching age 26, they may be eligible to continue coverage, or newly enroll (if not previously eligible). The request to extend coverage for a dependent child due to disability form with physician certification is required to continue coverage.

21. How do i get another vision insurance card?

Please contact Community Eye Care Customer Service Team at 888-254-4290 or you can visit CEC Website to register your account and print a card.