Construction Milestones and Timeline

September 11, 2019: CFPUA Board awards a $35.9 million contract to Adams-Robinson Enterprises Inc. for the construction of eight new deep-bed granular activated carbon (GAC) filters. The board also approved the sale of bonds to fund the project.Sweeney New GAC Contactors - NORTHEAST AERIAL PERSPECTIVE (small)

October 1, 2019: The North Carolina Local Government Commission approves bond sale.

October 17, 2019: Sale of bonds raises $107.3 million. A portion of the proceeds will fund the Sweeney upgrade project. 

November 4, 2019: Contractor receives notice to proceed on construction.

July 26, 2022: GAC media loading begins on the first of eight filters. 

October 2022: The drinking water distribution system begins receiving water treated by the new filters.

End of 2022: All eight filters are completed as the project nears substantial completion. 

January 2023: Construction is completed on facility.