Fraud & Abuse


CFPUA takes pride in our employees and the high quality of service provided to our customers. In an effort to maintain our service standards, CFPUA has established a fraud hotline. The objective of the hotline is to identify situations where fraud may have occurred, or may be occurring, so that it can be eliminated.


The hotline will give employees and customers an opportunity to report fraud anonymously. To the extent permitted by law, the Internal Auditor will treat all information as confidential including the identity of persons coming forward to file reports.

Reporting Fraud

A person suspecting fraud should promptly report the occurrence to the CFPUA Internal Auditor. Methods to report fraud include:

  • By phone: (910) 332-6911
  • By mail:
    Attention: Internal Auditor
    235 Government Center Drive
    Wilmington, NC 28403
  • By email
  • For employees - by interoffice mail, addressed to Internal Auditor.

When making a report, please be as specific as possible. The CFPUA Fraud Form below may be used to complete the report.

Presenting Complaints

A copy of all complaints will be presented to the Executive Committee at its next regularly scheduled meeting. All complaints will be reviewed and investigated under the direction of the Executive Committee. Upon completion of the investigation, the Executive Committee will review the results and determine the corrective action, if any, to be taken.


Retaliation against an individual, who, in good faith, has made a complaint or participated in an investigation, is prohibited, regardless of the outcome of the investigation. CFPUA will not discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, or in any manner discriminate against an employee in terms and condition of employment based on any lawful actions of such employee with respect to good faith reporting of complaints.

CFPUA Fraud Form