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  8. Backflow Prevention Assembly Installation Guide
    • The backflow prevention assembly should be as close to the water meter or service connection as possible. In all cases it shall be before the first branch in the water service. Call for more information about isolation backflow assemblies.
    • The double check valve and reduced pressure assemblies shall be installed at least 12 inches above the finished grade, flood level, or floor.
    • The maximum installation height of a backflow prevention assembly is sixty inches. • An enclosure shall be provided that protects the assembly from theft, vandalism, tampering, weather, and freezing.
    • In the floor, underground, and vault installations are prohibited.
    • There shall be 12 inches clearance on all sides of the assembly.
    • Electrical equipment, outlets and breaker boxes shall not be located beneath the assembly. • Only in-line testable assemblies appro
    • The type of assembly shall be appropriate for the hazard as identified by the Community Compliance Office
    • Prior to installing assemblies it is recommended that the Community Compliance Office be contacted to verify that the type of assembly being used is appropriate for thehazards.
    • Installation, relocation, replacement, and removal of backflow prevention assemblies require a CFPUA permit and inspection and a separate New Hanover County plumbing permit and inspection. Water meters will not be set until the CFPUA has inspected and approved the backflow prevention assembly and its installation.
    • It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that backflow prevention assemblies function properly and are tested by a certified tester within 15 days of the installation.
    • G.S. 143-155: Local government water systems and large community water systemsshall require separate meters for new in-ground irrigation systems on lots platted and recorded in the office of the register of deeds in the county or counties in which the real property is located after July 1, 2009, that are connected to their systems. A backflow prevention assembly is required on irrigation services and shall be permitted separately from the construction water BFP.
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