1. General Information

1.1. Customer Service Locations: CFPUA has 2 locations to serve you:

  • 305 Chestnut Street in downtown Wilmington
  • 235 Government Center Drive, across the street from the New Hanover County Offices

1.2. Office hours: Both locations are open Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm. CFPUA observes the same holiday schedule as the state of North Carolina offices.

1.3. Customer Service Phone: 910-332-6550

1.4. Customer Service online

1.5. Customer Service Website: www.cfpua.org

1.6. Customer Service Fax: 910-332-6352

1.7. Temporary Interruptions: From time to time your water service may be interrupted while crews perform routine maintenance, planned replacements, or emergency repairs. You may notice a decrease in water pressure or water quality (unusual odor or color). You may call Customer Service at 910-332-6550 or the Problem/Emergency line at 910-332-6565 for assistance. Notices of planned outages may be publicized on our Home page, in the newspaper, or on your utility bill.

1.8. Reporting Problems with Water and Sewer Service: Reporting Problems with Water and Sewer Service: For any problems or emergency situations, call 910-332-6565. Examples include if you have no water service or your water is discolored, none of your drains work or sewage backs up into your tub or sink, you see water flowing in the street or smell sewage outside, or you hear an alarm at a water or sewer pump station.

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1. 1. General Information
2. 2. Setting Up & Terminating Service
3. 3. Billing & Payment
4. 4. Shutting Off Water
5. 5. Meter Information
6. 6. Backflow Prevention
7. 7. Deposit Policy & FAQ