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The following forms can be filled out and submitted online. 

Documents submitted online are completed same day (during normal business hours), with processing time up to 2 business days. 

Once your application has been completed, you will receive a welcome email with your CFPUA account number. If we are unable to complete your application, you will receive an email requesting additional documentation. Emails will be received from either or

Start, Stop, or Transfer Service

1. New Service: Residential OwnerStart service as a homeowner.
2. New Service: Residential Tenant
Start service as a renter.
3. New Service: Commercial Owner
Start service as a commercial owner.
4. New Service: Commercial Tenant
Start service as a commercial tenant.
5. Seller Closing Disclosure Authorizes CFPUA to create an account for the buyer of a property and close the account of the seller.
6. Termination of Service: Demolition
For structures undergoing full or partial demolition. 
7. Termination of Service: Tenant Stop service as a renter. 
8. Transfer of ServiceTransfer your CFPUA service to a new address.


1. Leak AdjustmentRequest an adjustment to your bill following a leak. 
2. Pool Fill AdjustmentRequest an adjustment to your bill following installation of or repairs to a swimming pool. 


1. Account Disclosure Authorization Add an inquiry party to your account.
2. Additional Documentation Required Attach and send additional documents for your CFPUA account.
3. Bank Draft Add a bank draft to pay your CFPUA bill automatically.
4. Delete Bank Draft 
Remove the bank draft associated with your CFPUA account.
5. Go Paperless Create an online account to enroll in paperless billing. 
6. Meter Removal Request (Non-Domestic)Authorizes CFPUA to remove a meter for non-domestic use.
7. Third Party Billing Notification Authorizes CFPUA to send duplicate bills to a third party associated with your account.
8. Transfer of Responsibility 
For property owners or landlords: Transfer the responsibility for CFPUA charges to a tenant.
9. Water Reconnection Waiver Authorizes CFPUA staff to reconnect water service without someone present at the property.
10. Property Owner Records UpdateUsed to update information on a property owner's CFPUA account.

Irrigation, Backflow

1. Backflow Installation PermitApply for a permit and inspection for your irrigation system's backflow preventer from CFPUA Community Compliance. 
2. Backflow Test and Maintenance FormPlease submit to CFPUA Community Compliance.
3. Certified Backflow TestersA list of local companies with certified backflow prevention testers.
4. Subtraction Meter Installation Standard Specifications for how to plumb property for a subtraction meter. 

City of Wilmington Forms

1. Trash and RecyclingIf your request is urgent please contact City of Wilmington Trash Services at 910-341-7875.
2. StormwaterIf your request is urgent please contact City of Wilmington Stormwater Services.


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