Backflow can occur when pressure in the distribution system drops or when unprotected water supply lines are attached to a container or pipe that has substances not suitable for drinking. These conditions could affect the flow inside water lines resulting in contamination of customers’ drinking water.

Compliance officers are responsible for enforcing the CFPUA ordinance requiring backflow prevention assemblies for all commercial, industrial, and irrigation customers. All backflow prevention assemblies are inspected and tested upon initial installation and are required to be re-tested annually.

Backflow Applications & Resources

Forms can be submitted using our online contact form or brought to our Administration building at 235 Government Center Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403.

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Construction Sites

In accordance with the CFPUA’s cross connection control and backflow prevention ordinance and Rules Governing Public Water Systems, we are requiring a reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly (RP) for water service on construction sites.

In order for a contractor to receive backflow approval at a construction site, an RP approved by the USC Foundation or ASSE for Cross Connection Control shall be accepted and must be installed on the service. This applies to all construction sites, commercial and residential. When the construction concludes, the contractor will be allowed to replace the RP with other approved backflow prevention appropriate to the hazard level.

For information contact the CFPUA Cross Connection Control Office at 910-332-6558 or via our online contact form.

Note: The temporary RP does not need to match the water service size. An assembly 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch smaller is acceptable. This installation requires a CFPUA permit and inspection and a New Hanover County Plumbing Permit.