Operations & Utility Maintenance


Each and every day CFPUA treats, distributes and collects millions of gallons of water and wastewater. In addition to 24/7 operations at the water and wastewater treatment facilities, we are also responsible for:
  • Drinking water treatment and distribution
  • Easement clearing
  • Installing services
  • Installing and maintaining fire hydrants and water meters
  • Maintenance and operation of facilities, pump stations, well sites, manholes and sewer mains
  • Periodic flushing
  • Repairing and replacing broken or deteriorated water and sewer mains
  • Responding to sewer spills
  • Managing water quality issues
  • Wastewater collection and treament

Areas of Operation

CFPUA owns, operates and maintains the public water distribution and wastewater collection systems which includes:
  • 2 water treatment plants
  • 2 wastewater treatment plants
  • 10 elevated water tanks
  • 25+ miles of raw water line
  • 37 active & emergency well sites
  • 141 pump stations
  • 800+ miles of sewer line
  • 1100+ miles of water line
  • 7,672 fire hydrants
  • 14,867 valves