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Posted on: October 31, 2018

CFPUA Begins Process to Reduce PFAS Levels in Drinking Water


CFPUA Begins Process to Reduce PFAS Levels in Drinking Water

This week, staff from Calgon Carbon are on-site at the Sweeney Water Treatment Plan to begin replacing existing carbon filter media in the Plant. The goal of this work is to reduce levels of PFAS in drinking water by frequently changing carbon media in seven of the fourteen existing filters. Staff expects that reductions in levels of PFAS will begin by the end of November. Media that is full and can no longer remove PFAS compounds will be incinerated by a certified facility to ensure we are avoiding impacts on the environment as it is disposed.

As discussed in recent presentations to the community, this solution is only a temporary one. As water demands continue to grow in the Sweeney service area, and more of our plant capacity is needed to meet community needs, this option will no longer be viable.

As a result, the CFPUA Board has approved the design of a permanent upgrade to the Sweeney Plant. The design includes an additional set of filters that use Granular Activated Carbon media to reduce PFAS in drinking water as part of our permanent water treatment process.

CFPUA will continue to keep the public informed as this issue progresses. For more information on water testing results, see our Emerging Compounds webpage. For information on the final community meeting on PFAS and the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant to be held Thursday, November 8, please see our meeting schedule.


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