Monthly Billing

Starting in October 2021, CFPUA will move all customers to monthly billing. This change will make customers' water and sewer bills more consistent and easy to manage with other household expenses.

Why Monthly Billing?Calendar

Since CFPUA opened its doors in 2008, we have issued bills on a bimonthly basis. Many customers have requested over the years that CFPUA switch to monthly billing to make water and sewer bills more consistent with other household expenses. 

CFPUA recently switched to a new billing management system that allows us to roll out monthly billing. 

A shorter billing period will also mean that customers' CFPUA bills will be smaller and easier to manage.

When will I get my first monthly bill?

The rollout of monthly bills will begin in October 2021, meaning that customers will receive their first monthly bills in October or November.

Your first monthly bill could include a few days more or less than a full month of service, depending on what day of the month your bill is generated. Future bills will be generated around the same date each month. 

It is possible the bills received by customers during the first few days of October will still be bimonthly bills. To check whether a bill is in the old bimonthly format or the new monthly format, check the "Meter Readings" section near the bottom of your bill:


If the "Present Read" and "Previous Read" dates are two months apart, that is a bimonthly bill and you next bill should be in the monthly format.

Are rates and fees changing?

No, the switch to monthly billing will not affect the rates you pay for CFPUA water and sewer services.

You can learn more about CFPUA's Fiscal Year 2022 water and sewer rates here.

In fact, the fixed charges for water and sewer service will be half what they were on your bimonthly bill, as bills will now be issued monthly.

If you live within Wilmington city limits, your CFPUA bill also includes City of Wilmington fees for solid waste and stormwater. Once you are switched to monthly billing, these City of Wilmington charges will also be half what they were on your bimonthly bill. The rates for solid waste and stormwater are set by the City of Wilmington, and questions about those rates and services should be directed to the city.

When is my bill due?

Your CFPUA bill is due 25 days from the date it is issued.

If your bill is not paid by the due date, late fees will be assessed and the account is subject to other delinquency actions, up to and including disconnection of service.

My First Monthly bill says i have a past-due balANce – why is that?

During the transition period, some customers’ first monthly bills may incorrectly list unpaid balances as “past-due.”

This has to do with the date on which customers’ bills are generated. If your first monthly bill is generated before the due date of your final bimonthly bill and before receipt of a payment on that bill, CFPUA’s billing software will mark any unpaid balances as past-due. This is a one-time occurrence that will not appear on subsequent bills.

Your account will not be considered delinquent if it was in good standing at the time your final bimonthly bill was generated. Customers whose bills incorrectly showed a past-due balance will not be penalized.

If you have questions about whether your account has a past-due balance, call CFPUA Customer Service at 910-332-6550. 

Will I have to re-enroll in Autopay? 

No, this change will not affect Autopay or Automatic Bank Draft. 

To set up automatic payments by credit card or bank draft, click here.