Automatic Payment Plans

Starting in May 2021, CFPUA will automatically enroll delinquent residential customers whose accounts meet certain criteria into 12-month payment plans. 

To qualify for automatic payment plan enrollment, an account must be:

  • Residential 
  • Delinquent by $450 or more
  • Delinquent by 60 days or more

Payment plans are interest-free and do not carry any additional fees. Payments will be due at the same time as customers’ regular CFPUA bills. 

Any customer who is eligible for automatic payment plan enrollment will be notified by mail.

Why is CFPUA launching automatic payment plans?Calendar

CFPUA is taking this step due to a significant increase in customers with delinquent accounts, and to encourage customers to begin bringing their accounts current before the delinquent amount becomes unmanageable. 

In February 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CFPUA temporarily suspended late fees and service disconnections resulting from nonpayment. This ensured that no CFPUA residential customer would have water and sewer services disconnected due to nonpayment during the height of pandemic.

As CFPUA begins resuming normal operations, we are automatically enrolling some customers in payment plans to encourage them to begin bringing their accounts current.

Will CFPUA resume service disconnections?

On September 1, 2021, CFPUA plans to resume service disconnections due to nonpayment, a last-resort measure to encourage customers to contact CFPUA and begin bringing their accounts current. 

Residential customers who are in default on their payment plans with CFPUA or whose accounts become delinquent on or after September 1 will be eligible to have their service disconnected. CFPUA will make multiple attempts to contact the customer before their service is disconnected.

Any customer who is enrolled in a payment plan AND is following the terms of that plan will not be eligible for disconnection. 

Starting in March 2021, customers who have separate water meters for irrigation systems and are delinquent on their account or enrolled a payment plan will have their irrigation meters disconnected. The irrigation meter will be reconnected once the account is brought current. 

My account is delinquent by less than $450 – can I still start a payment plan?

Yes, any customer who is delinquent on their CFPUA bill may enroll in a payment plan. 

Payment plans are interest-free and do not carry any additional fees. The terms of a plan can be adjusted to fit a customer’s desired payment schedule. Payments will be due at the same time as customers’ regular CFPUA bill. 

To enroll in a payment plan, contact CFPUA Customer Service by calling 910-332-6550 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Customers may also contact us online by clicking here.

What if I need financial assistance?

CFPUA’s Customer Service representatives can connect customers with several local, state, and federal options for financial assistance.