Proposed Construction Standards Update

CFPUA is in process of updating its construction standards.  Draft documents for the update standards are shown below and will be effective on January 1, 2019.  CFPUA is planning a workshop for engineers, contractors, and developers later this summer to review these documents.  More information on the workshop will be posted at a later date.

​​Design Guidance Document (Draft)

A new document for CFPUA staff, developers, and consulting engineers that sets fundamental design criteria.

​Material Specification Manual (Draft)

​A new document with CFPUA approved materials, including basic product specifications, manufacturer names, and product pictures.

Technical Specifications for Construction (Draft)

​A conversion of existing specifications to Construction Specification Institute (CSI) current format with updated information and reference standards.

Standard Drawing Details (Draft)

​Reorganized drawing details and updated for clarity and compatibility with the Design Guidance Document, Material Specification and Technical Specifications.