Proposed Construction Standards Update

CFPUA is in process of updating its construction standards.  Draft documents for the update standards are shown below and will be effective on January 1, 2019.  A stakeholder workshop was held on August 24, 2018 to review the draft standards.  An overview presentation of the workshop can be seen here.

​​Design Guidance Document (Draft - 6/30/18)

A new document for CFPUA staff, developers, and consulting engineers that sets fundamental design criteria.

​Material Specification Manual (Draft - 6/25/18)

​A new document with CFPUA approved materials, including basic product specifications, manufacturer names, and product pictures.

Technical Specifications for Construction (Draft - 6/25/18)

​A conversion of existing specifications to Construction Specification Institute (CSI) current format with updated information and reference standards.

Standard Drawing Details (Draft - 6/25/18)

​Reorganized drawing details and updated for clarity and compatibility with the Design Guidance Document, Material Specification and Technical Specifications.

When will the updated standards be effective?

​The updated standards will be effective on January 1, 2019.  Projects must comply with the updated standards based on the transition schedule shown below:

Project Status
Which Standards Apply
Projects in construction on 1/1/2019 Continue with current standards
Projects with a NCDEQ permit on 1/1/2019
​​                         Pre-con held within 120 days of permit
                         Pre-con held after 120 days of permit

​Continue with current standards
​Updated standards apply
Projects with CFPUA approved plans before 1/1/2019
 Pre-con held 180 days after plan approval

​Updated standards apply
Projects in design before 1/1/2019
                         Complete design before 1/1/2019
                         Completed design after 1/1/2019

​Pay attention to pre-con date after permit
​Updated standards apply