Beginning Monday, May 1, 2023, anHydrant flushingd continuing throughout the summer months, CFPUA water quality crews will be conducting our annual flushing program in the Sweeney-Richardson Water System.

Flushing is a routine maintenance operation conducted by thousands of water utilities every year. During this activity, water is forced through pipes at high velocity and systematically flushed out of the fire hydrants, removing accumulated sediment. 

Flushing area maps, week of 6/5/2023

Areas are roughly described below and do not include every neighborhood or subdivision affected. Click on each SECTION tab below to view the area map. Sections are typically completed in order throughout the week - completion of each section is dependent on system condition and unfinished areas typically carry over into the following week. The schedule may change with little or no notice. Section maps and updates will be posted here on Mondays.

  1. Section 6A
  2. Section 6B
  3. Section 6C


To include: 

  • Shipyard Boulevard (from River Road to South 17th Street)
  • Vance Drive 
  • Raleigh Street
  • Sunnyvale Drive
  • River Road (from Shipyard Boulevard to Independence Boulevard)
  • Independence Boulevard (from River Road to South 17th Street)
  • Carolina Beach Road (from Shipyard Boulevard to Independence Boulevard)
  • Francis Marion Drive
  • Parkway Boulevard


When will flushing be performed? 

To minimize customer impact, the program work is conducted during the overnight hours between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Monday nights through Friday mornings. 

Maps of areas to be flushed will be posted on this webpage each Monday throughout the flushing program. Scroll down to see the areas scheduled for flushing this week. 

Will my water service be impacted?

The flushing process does not impact the safety of drinking water, and CFPUA does not anticipate issuing boil water advisories as a result of the flushing program.

Because of the nature of the process, it is possible that customers may experience periods of low pressure and/or water discoloration while flushing is being conducted in their area. Customers who do experience discoloration are advised to run the cold water for at least one to three minutes to allow the lines to clear.

Why is CFPUA flushing this summer?

This is the first time since 2020 that CFPUA has conducted our regular flushing program. Resuming regular flushing will help ensure that sediment does not accumulate in parts of the water system.

Flushing occurs in the warmer months for two main reasons: 

1) Warmer weather can increase the possibility of issues related to disinfection byproducts, and;

2) Conditions are safer for our employees - and our customers - by eliminating the potential for nighttime freezing of roadways or sidewalks.