Construction Specs

  • The following documents are designed for Professional Engineers as Guide Specifications and Guide Detail Drawings for design of our water and sewer infrastructure.
  • If the design engineer of record elects to review these specifications and incorporate them (as written) into their design, under their seal, then these PDF documents are available for download.
  • If the design engineer of record elects to vary from these documents then that engineer should use our online Contact Form to request specifications for Microsoft Word version.
  • When the design is submitted for review, any changes should be shown as track changes on the MS Word document or called out by cloud and revision note on the details so that they can be reviewed by our staff during the initial comment period.
  • These instructions include professional engineers under contract to developers as well as those under contract to CFPUA.
  • Revisions to these guide specifications should be consistent with the CFPUA Technical Standards. If revisions vary, inconsistency from the published Technical Standards shall be identified as part of the project submittal.
  • We appreciate the cooperation of the engineering community in participating in the continual improvement of our specifications and details in the interest of protecting public health and welfare along with the sustainable operation of our systems, consistent with our mission to provide high-quality service in an environmentally responsible manner while maintaining the lowest practical cost.