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Construction Specifications


Cape Fear Public Utility Authority provides the following documents to Professional Engineers as Guide Specifications and Guide Detail Drawings for design of our water and sewer infrastructure.

If the design engineer of record elects to review these specifications and incorporate them (as written) into their design, under their seal, then these pdf documents are available for download.

If the design engineer of record elects to vary from these documents then that engineer should send an email to L for specifications or J for details in Microsoft Word or AutoCAD format.

When the design is submitted for review by development services, any changes should be shown as track changes on the MS Word document or called out by cloud and revision note on the details so that they can be reviewed by Authority staff during the initial comment period.

These instructions include professional engineers under contract to developers as well as those under contract to the Authority.

Revisions to these guide specifications should be consistent with the CFPUA Technical Standards.  If revisions vary, then inconsistency from the published Technical Standards shall be identified as part of the project submittal.

The Authority appreciates the cooperation of the engineering community in participating in the continual improvement of our specifications and details in the interest of protecting public health and welfare along with the sustainable operation of our systems.

For the most part, these specifications and details have proven themselves successful as refined over years of use.  However, we are receptive to improvements that protect public health and safety and are consistent with our mission to provide high-quality service in an environmentally responsible manner while maintaining the lowest practical cost.


  • Ampere-Microprocessor-Controlled Section 16621
  • As-Built Drawings Section 01720
  • Automatic Transfer Switch 30-4000 
  • Boring, Jacking & Tunneling Section 02300
  • Boring and Jacking Section 02301
  • Boxes and Fittings Section 16130
  • Cast-In-Place Concrete Section 03300
  • Concrete Reinforcement Section 03200
  • Conduit Systems Section 16111
  • Design Drawing Submittals 01721
  • Dewatering 02140
  • Directional Drilling Section 02365
  • Electrical General Information Section 16010
  • Electrical Services Section 16402
  • Enclosed Switches Section 16170
  • Excavating, Grading, Trenching & Backfilling Section 02220
  • Gravity Sanitary Sewer System Section 02731
  • Grounding Section 16450
  • Instrumentation & Control System
  • Landscaping Section 02900
  • Portable Engine Generators, Diesel Section 16622
  • Protection of Work & Property 01540
  • Restoration of Underground Pipelines Section 02760
  • Sanitary Pipeline Rehabilitation Section 02761 
  • Security Fencing Section 01530
  • Sewer Bypass Pumping 01510
  • Shoring & Underpinning 02150
  • Special Projects Procedures 01100
  • Standby Generator Section 16620
  • Submittals Section 01340
  • Surge Protection Section 16601 
  • Two Pump Lift Stations Section 16901
  • Wastewater Force Mains Section 02732
  • Wastewater Pump Stations Section 02733
  • Wire and Cable Section 16120


Payment Center & Administrative Offices: 235 Government Center Drive Wilmington, NC 28403
Customer Service: (910) 332-6550 Fax: (910) 332-6352 Water/Sewer Emergencies: (910) 332-6565
Payment Center: 305 Chestnut Street Wilmington, NC
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