Variance Re-Evaluation

Standard Operation Procedure for the Re-Evaluation of a Grease Trap Variance Study

  1. Any facility at any time is subject to re-evaluation of a variance study.
  2. The owner or manager will be notified that the facilities variance is going to be re-evaluated.
  3. The facility will be responsible for having the grease interceptor cleaned; an Environmental Compliance Assistance Officer must be present. This is to ensure that the grease interceptor meets all current CFPUA codes and specifications, and that the grease interceptor is functioning as designed.
  4. If any damage to the grease interceptor is detected that would cause the interceptor not to function as designed, or if the interceptor does not meet CFPUA Specifications, the study will not start until repairs or modifications are made. Once the repairs or modifications are completed, the facility will need to contact the Environmental Compliance Assistance Officer with a new date and time for the variance study start up.
  5. Once the interceptor meets pumping requirements, a certified letter will be sent indicating the new pumping frequency (variance authorization).

More Information

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