Backflow / Cross Connection

Cross Connection Control Program
The Cross Connection Control Program is responsible for evaluating potential hazards to the CFPUA’s water supply due to backflow. Water service to new and existing customers is evaluated by Cross Connection Control staff to determine which hazards, if any, exist and the type of backflow prevention required.

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Backflow can occur when pressure in the distribution system drops or when unprotected water supply lines are attached to a container or pipe that has substances not suitable for drinking. These conditions could affect the flow inside water lines resulting in contamination of customers’ drinking water.

Compliance officers are responsible for enforcing the CFPUA ordinance requiring backflow prevention assemblies for all commercial, industrial, and irrigation customers. All backflow prevention assemblies are inspected and tested upon initial installation and are required to be re-tested annually.
Backflow Applications & Resources
Forms can be submitted by email or brought to our Administration building at 235 Government Center Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403.
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