CFPUA Progress Reports

This page contains CFPUA's monthly and quarterly progress reports presented at our monthly board meetings.

​Key Indicators and Performance Measurements Reports (Monthly):
A monthly report detailing CFPUA's performance in several essential areas, including:  Water and Wastewater Flows; Sanitary Sewer Overflows; Regulatory Compliance; Revenues and Expenditures; and Customer Growth
Note:  The report covers the timeframe in the title.

July 2​016 Report
August 2016 Report
September 2016 Report
October 2016 Report
November 2016 Report
December 2017 Report
January 2017 Report
February 2017 Report

Capital Improvement Program Status Reports (Quarterly):
​A quarterly report detailing CFPUA's performance under its Capital Improvement Program.  
Note:  The report covers the timeframe in the title.

4th Quarter, Fiscal Year 2016
1st Quarter, Fiscal Year 2017
2nd Quarter, Fiscal Year 2017