September 2015 Mandatory Connections

Suspension of Mandatory Connections for September 2015 Public Meeting Areas

Dear Property Owner:

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) is committed to providing reliable and safe water and sewer services to the people of the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County.  After reviewing public records, it was determined in 2015 that your home or business is in an area where mandatory connection to water and/or sewer services is required. 

Back in September of last year, you were informed that CFPUA would move forward with the mandatory connection of water and/or sewer services for your home or business under Ordinance 1.13 of the CAPE FEAR PUBLIC UTILITY AUTHORITY UTILITY REGULATIONS AND ORDINANCE.   You were also invited to attend a CFPUA meeting to explain the mandatory connection process. 

As discussed at the meeting, CFPUA was about to begin installing water and/or sewer taps to existing mains to allow for the mandatory connection process to proceed.  Since our meeting, however, legislation was passed at the state level that limitsa water utility’s ability to move forward with mandatory connection after July 2017.  Because your mandatory connection period would have coincided with the July 2017 date, the project to install the taps was suspended and there are no immediate plans to continue with the tap installation project at this time. 

As a result of the legislation and its impact on our tap installation project, your residence or business is no longer under our mandatory connection process at this time.  If the legislation is amended by the state in the future and allows for a water utility to use mandatory connection after July 2017, then CFPUA will resume the mandatory connection process for your property.  If the process is resumed, CFPUA would restart it from scratch, with an invitation to an initial public meeting at least one year from the likely deadline for connection.

If you wish, you may voluntarily connect to CFPUA’s water and/or sewer systems.  If you wish to voluntarily connect or ask questions about this letter, please contact me via email at or by phone at 332-6704.

Thank you for your consideration and patience. 


Mike McGill
Chief Communications Officer
Cape Fear Public Utility Authority

Presentation for Laney and Eaton Public Meetings

The staff of CFPUA would like thank those of you who took time out of your busy schedules to join us for our mandatory connection public meetings held on September 10 at Laney High School and Eaton Elementary School on September 15.  As is understandable, they were spirited discussions about our mandatory connection policy and why your homes are subject to the policy at this time.

As mentioned during the discussion, this is the beginning of the information process, not the mandatory connection process itself.  Roughly six months from now, you will be personally invited to another public meeting to discuss the process for the 180-day connection period begins.  The likely deadline for connection is slated for September or October of 2016.  The date will not move up, not only move back depending on the construction work that needs to take place to allow you to connect.

By clicking here, you can review the presentation that was given on both evenings.  It details the mandatory connection process; why it is used by municipal, county and Authority water and wastewater utilities; CFPUA's policy; the charges and fees to be paid; and the timeline for connection.  

You can contact Mike McGill, Chief Communications Officer for CFPUA, directly with questions or concerns.  You can reach him at (910) 332-6704 and