Why Your Bill May Be Higher

Have you recently received a bill that seemed higher than you expected? There are number of reasons why this may have happened.

Finding Out Why Your Bill is High

Follow the steps below to track down the reason that applies to you.
  • Review your water usage history from your bill for the same time last year to see if there are any trends towards increased usage at specific times; for example, in the summer your bill might be higher if you are watering the lawn.
  • Check your home for reasons for potential water usage increase. These may include:
    • Leaking water faucets
    • Guests in your home
    • Remodeling or adding more living space
    • New baby
    • Extra use of washing machine, dishwasher, or power washer
    • Extra entertaining or cooking, Washing cars or watering lawns
    • Pool maintenance and filling
  • View our conservation tips and learn how easy it is to ensure your toilet and faucets are not leaking.
  • Note the number of days in the billing period and compare with prior bills. Billing periods often vary between 55 and 70 days depending on weather, holidays, and staffing contingencies.
  • Have you incurred any late fees or charges? They include the following:
    • 10% up to $25 late fee assessed on any bill not paid by the due date stated on the bill.
    • A $25 fee will be charged if your check is not honored by your bank.
    • A $55 fee will be charged when water service is restored.
    • A $500 fee will be charged when water service is turned on without authorization.

More Information

If none of the steps lead you to a satisfactory answer about your high bill, please contact a customer service representative through our online Contact Form or by calling 910-332-6550 between the hours of 8am and 5pm with your account number available.