Applications & Forms

Customer Service

If you need to set-up services in your name within 1-2 business days, please visit one of our locations:
235 Government Center Dr
. or 305 Chestnut St.

Applications and forms may be downloaded, filled out and submitted via email or brought to our Administration building at 235 Government Center Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403.


  • Commercial Utility Services - Property Owner (PDF)
  • Commercial Utility Services - Tenant (PDF)
  • NHC Fire Protection System Permit (PDF)
  • Residential Utility Services - Tenant (PDF)
  • Residential Utility Services - Property Owner (PDF)
  • New Services Checklist (PDF)
  • Voluntary Termination of Service (PDF)
  • Transfer of Service Application (PDF)
  • Transfer of Service Checklist (PDF)
  • WFD Underground Fire Line Permit (PDF)
  • Third Party Application for Bill Notification (PDF)  
  • Application for Connection Loan (PDF)
  • Non-Domestic Meter Removal Request (PDF)

  • Forms

  • Bank Draft Authorization (PDF)
  • Request for Water/Sewer Availability (PDF)
  • Commercial Plan Review/Utility Extension Review (PDF)
  • Release of Information From Another Utility (PDF)
  • Release of Information Form (PDF)
  • Irrigation Subtraction Meter Information (PDF)
  • Tenant Termination of Service Request (PDF)
    Transfer of Responsibility (PDF)
    Leak Adjustment Request  (PDF)
    Pool Fill Adjustment Request (PDF)

    Environmental Safety Compliance

    Backflow Installation Permit (PDF)
    Backflow Test & Maintenance Form (PDF)
    Certified Backflow Testers (PDF)
    Industrial Waste Survey - Long Form (PDF)
    Industrial Waste Survey - Short Form (PDF)
    SOP for Grease Interceptor Variance Study (PDF)