Billing Questions Answered

How many days does my bill cover?

Your bill covers consumption for the bimonthly billing period identified in the ‘Service Period’ portion of your bill. Billing periods start the day after the prior ‘service period’ ending date. Most billing periods are between 55 and 65 days; however there will be variations due to weekends, holidays, and weather events.

Why will the Service Period for my bill vary from 60 days?

CFPUA’s goal is to mail 6 bimonthly bills at intervals between 55 and 65 days; however bills often vary between 50 and 70 days. Variation to this schedule may occur due to weekends, holidays, inclement weather and staff availability. If you are billed for more than 70 days in one period, call Customer Service at 332-6550.

How is the money that is collected through billing spent?

CFPUA has a $600 million dollar Capital Improvement Program (CIP) including $184 million recently financed with bonds. The expansion of the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant that was initiated by the City, and the recently completed Nano-filtration Plant and well field in Ogden that were inherited by the County, total over $122 million and are funded through user charges. One of the primary reasons for these capital projects is high seasonal usage- current plant treatment capacity can meet average usage but must be expanded to meet the peak usage driven primarily by residential irrigation demand and population growth. The Authority’s residential water demand in the warmer months is 40-50% greater than the winter months.

Who is responsible for setting rates?

The Authority Board, composed of 5 members appointed by the New Hanover County Commissioners, 5 members appointed by the Wilmington City Council, and an 11th member appointed jointly, is responsible for CFPUA rates and oversight of management.

When does the Board Meet?

The board meets at 9am on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in:
Room 601
New Hanover County Government Center
125 Government Center Drive
Wilmington, NC 28403