1. Frequently Asked Questions about water discoloration, odor

    In the last 24-48 hours, we have received a number of customer calls asking about discolored water or water with a sulfur-like smell. This list of frequently asked questions addresses both issues, which are not related to water quality. FAQs about water discoloration, odor
  2. Map of emergency water well service areas that may experience water discoloration, odor

    This map shows the location of CFPUA's emergency water wells. Customers within the shaded areas may experience water discoloration and/or a sulfur-like smell. The issues are not related to water quality. For more info, read the posted FAQs. Map of CFPUA's emergency well service areas
  3. Multi-agency effort continues to construct bypass waterline, water restrictions remain in place

    Work continues to construct bypass waterline; Multi-agency effort calling upon seven different contractors to fix waterline; MANDATORY WATER RESTRICTIONS REMAIN IN EFFECT; All CFPUA customers affected throughout the week Read on...
  4. Video of the LCFWSA 48" raw waterline repair now available on CFPUA's YouTube Channel

    We've restarted our YouTube Channel to provide video of the repair scene for the 48" LCFWSA raw waterline break CFPUA's YouTube Channel
  5. Photos from the 48" Raw Waterline Repair Scene

    More than two dozen pieces of heavy equipment have been enlisted in a multi-agency effort to restore the water supply to Brunswick County, CFPUA, and Pender County. Photos taken October 23-25, 2016 Photos from the 48" raw waterline repair scene
  6. Be careful of where you put your storm debris for pickup!

    CFPUA asks that our customers to avoid putting storm debris on top of sewer cleanouts and water meter boxes. Doing so can cause damage to them, both when the debris is piled up and when it gets picked up. Piles also cause trouble with meter reading. Read on...
  7. UNC School of Government study finds CFPUA rates low in cost, high in affordability

    UNC’s Environmental Finance Center gives CFPUA high marks when compared to 426 other NC water/sewer utilities. Finds rates to be low in cost, high in affordability. Cites "optimal" performance in several rate-based categories and financial benchmarks. Read on...
  8. Statement on Flint, Michigan, and CFPUA’s protection of your drinking water

    CFPUA remains keenly aware of the issues raised by the situation in Flint, Michigan. Delivering safe, clean drinking water is a public trust. That trust being shaken, customers across the country are understandably asking, “Can it happen here?” Read on...
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